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Barn Culture

Barn conversions
co-created by architects and artists

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About Barn Culture Project

Barn Culture is a project that aims to contribute to a quality built environment in rural areas of Europe. We create innovative, green solutions by co-creating conversion designs with teams of 12 artists and 6 architects from 3 countries: Hungary, Romania (Transylvania), and Germany (Bavaria). Our goal is to preserve the beauty and history of old barns while transforming them into functional spaces that meet modern needs.

Why Choose Barn Culture?

We are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly materials and practices in all our designs while obeying affordability.


We offer consultations to assess your barn conversion needs and provide personalized recommendations.

Award Winning Team members

Numerous team members architects as well as artists have won awards for their high quality work on different fora.

Long term experience

Our team of artists and architects have years of experience in barn conversions and understand the unique challenges and opportunities they present.


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